Take a deep breath, plan your next move.
Take a deep breath. Plan your next move.

The big technology companies mostly use your data to:

  • personalise your content feeds to maximise your engagement
  • target ads to maximise the chance of you spending money

Which company do you want to know more about?

We've analysed the data that you can download from big tech companies, so that after you've uploaded data from a company to Magicflow, you can see a personalised analysis of how they track and target you, what they know about your personality, mood, and social life, and finally what risks the data poses.

Here's the big list of everything we can figure out about what your data reveals about you:

(Click into each analysis card to see the personalised analysis from your data.)


Nearly every website you visit is tracking your behaviour - your clicks and scrolls. Companies collect all sorts of data, and data brokers try to connect it all together so they can track and target you across different sites.


It would be strange if somebody you didn't know, knew more about who you are than anyone in the world. Who do you think knows you best out of everyone in the world?

Is it your best friend? Your mum and dad? If you're lucky, perhaps that's true, but maybe the data you've given Facebook allows their algorithms to know you better than anybody. Do you really trust them that much?


Every time you message, tag or interact with a friend, it strengthens a "social link" between you and them.

Facebook probably knows more than you realise about your network and social life. It's how they predict what you talked about, and show you ads that make you think they're listening 👂.


Your data is collected for a reason - to target you. By collecting details about your life, they put together a profile with which they decide what you see, and what ads you're most likely to click.

The devices you use, how often you use them and the places you go all provide clues into income, work habits, education levels, and even loneliness.

Your Security Hub

The data companies collect clearly compromises your privacy. But in the wrong hands, it can also compromise your security.

We've all been leaving traces online for a long time, traces that might allow somebody to know dangerous things about us. Some of us were children, or teenagers, when we started commenting on Facebook, and might regret immature language in a public forum.

Hopefully this section makes you aware how your data can be used against you, and lets you identify what data you'd like to clear up!


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